Veterinary Acupunture

Ace Animal Hospital Offers Veterinary Acupuncture!

Most effective when used in combination with modern diagnostics (like x-rays and bloodwork) and modern medicine, veterinary acupuncture can be added to enhance healing from pain and inflammation in your pet.  Veterinary acupuncture can be added to treat internal medicine disorders too.  Veterinary acupuncture is also a way to improve the quality of life of geriatric dogs and cats.

Veterinary acupuncture includes sterile, single-use acupuncture needles, “dry needles,” just like in human acupuncture.  Veterinary acupuncture can also include the injection of small amounts of sterile liquids (like sterile saline and Vitamin B12) at acupuncture points, called aqua-acupuncture.  Small amounts of electricity can be applied directly to the metallic acupuncture needles when placed at acupuncture points for enhanced therapeutic benefit in some cases, called electro-acupuncture.

For most acute pain and inflammation cases (immediate post-operative, for example after a surgical procedure), generally 3-4 treatments are recommended over 2-4 weeks.

In more chronic cases (internal medicine cases, or geriatric cases), generally 6-8 treatments are recommended over the first 2-3 months initially to see significant results.  Healthy geriatric pets often benefit from at least 1 treatment session once a season (minimum 4 times per year) for a ‘tune-up.’

Dr. Diaz is certified in veterinary acupuncture and has a special interest in geriatric patients where options for conventional therapy are limited for improving quality of life.

Each individual exam and acupuncture treatment: $80

Small Package $260

(expires after 12 months)

Includes initial acupuncture exam and consultation with Dr. Diaz, and 4 acupuncture treatments plus 2 week supply first herbal therapy free

Large Package $500

(expires after 12 months)

Includes initial acupuncture exam and consultation with Dr. Diaz, and 8 acupuncture treatments plus 1 month supply first herbal therapy free

Acupuncture Dog

Some patients require just a few needles for an effective acupuncture treatment session.  Here is senior canine patient Yoshi being treated for back and hip arthritis.

Acupuncture Cat

Cats can benefit from acupuncture treatments too!  Here is senior feline patient Banjo receiving an acupuncture treatment for arthritis and muscle pain.

Acupuncture Relax

Acupuncture Relax

Some patients will even take a nap during their treatments!  Here is canine hospice patient Crumpet receiving an acupuncture treatment to help relieve nausea and discomfort from internal masses and arthritis.