Veterinary Wellness for Your Fremont Pet’s Health

Ace Animal Hospital offers a full range of veterinary pet wellness services to Fremont,Union City, Newark, Pleasanton, Palo Alto and throughout Alameda County, California.

A Personalized Approach

We believe that a personalized approach to high-quality Fremont area veterinary pet care and wellness based on your pet’s lifestyle with an emphasis on preventative medicine is the best means to ensure lifelong health. From your pet’s first visit to our Fremont CA vet clinic, he or she will be evaluated in terms of daily routines, life stage and risk factors in order for us to understand your pet’s health needs and risks and provide the best possible Fremont area vet services.

Committed to Your Pet’s Wellness

Beyond developing a personalized approach to your pet’s care, we recommend yearly veterinary pet wellness checkups, which are fundamental to any preventative care for your pet. We also recommend proper dental care here and at home, appropriate vaccinations, microchip identification in case your pet becomes lost and regular screenings for diseases that commonly afflict pets in their senior years.

We also strongly believe that client education and communication are vital aspects of good veterinary care. The work of caring for your pet does not begin and end at our doors. It is continuous and requires empowering you with the information you need to provide the best and most compassionate care for your beloved pet.

However, despite the most aggressive preventative treatment, our pets may yet experience a periodic illness or injury. The skill, experience and extensive education of the doctors at Ace Animal Hospital in Fremont, CA allow us to effectively manage complex medical and surgical challenges beyond those typically handled in general veterinary practices. This means fewer referrals to expensive specialists and allows our clients to receive care for their pets from people they know, in a comfortable and familiar setting.

In all, we strive to provide the highest level of service to you and pet wellness care for your pet in a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere. Please feel free to give us a call at 510-790-2525 to ask a question or request an appointment.

Routine Wellness Exams

As medical professionals, Ace Animal Hospital –your Fremont, CA vet clinic– understands that the best means to keep your pet healthy as well as to limit the lifetime cost of care is through preventative veterinary medical care. The cornerstone of any preventative pet care and wellness program is regular wellness exams.

Just as any other member of your family sees a physician for routine physicals, your pet needs to see his or her veterinarian in order to check for underlying signs of ill-health. As a part of our Fremont vet wellness services, these routine exams also make for a great opportunity for you to ask any health-related questions you may have or raise concerns about the health of your pet. Your veterinarian will also use this time to discuss age-related health issues with you as well as provide any new information on the care of your specific type and breed of pet.

In all, routine pet wellness exams are an important step for discovering any health issues at an early and easily treatable stage as well as taking steps to prevent the onset of illnesses. During your pet’s wellness exam at our Fremont CA vet clinic, your veterinarian will:

  • Examine your pet’s lungs – There are a number of health issues that can be detected by listening to your pet’s lungs. These include respiratory infections, obstructive diseases and other pulmonary issues.
  • Check your pet’s heart – Your veterinarian can tell a lot about the health of your pet’s heart by listening for murmurs and other irregular heart beat patterns through a stethoscope. Identifying an irregular beat or indications of obstruction can lead to early diagnose and treatment.
  • Take a look at the teeth and oral cavity – Proper oral health is important for maintaining the overall systemic health of your pet because these infections can enter the blood stream and infect other areas of the body. Dental disease is also one of the most common health issues in pets as well as one of the most preventable.
  • Look at your pet’s eyes – Ocular conditions such as glaucoma are relatively common in older pets and, as with other vision-related issues, can be well treated when discovered early.
  • Examine the ears – Infections, ear mites, low-grade allergies and other related health issues are relatively common in companion animals. It is relatively easy for your veterinarian to take a look inside the ears to see if there are any indications of ear disease.
  • Examine the lymph nodes, abdomen and skin – Your veterinarian will look for any unusual bumps or swellings as well as skin discolorations, lesions, and hair loss, which can indicate the presence of dermatological conditions or even systemic illness such as metabolic diseases.
  • Palpate joints and muscles – Arthritis and other orthopedic issues are relatively common in companion animals, especially those older than about six years of age. However, early detection and treatment can help relieve pain and offer your pet many more active years.
  • Lab testing – While your veterinarian’s four senses are good at helping detect a number of health issues, laboratory testing allows us to evaluate the function of internal organs, blood, and other systems. These tests are critical for uncovering underlying disease processes that otherwise would remain unnoticed until they cause serious symptoms in your pet.