Senior Pet Health Care Programs

Dogs and cats in their senior years may have slowed down a bit, but they are no less important members of our families. However, changes to their bodies occur rapidly and they become more susceptible to diseases such as cancer, arthritis, dental disease, diabetes, and heart disease.

This is why we recommend a geriatric exam tailored to your pet’s age and condition. Our Fremont pet health clinic senior wellness program includes diagnostic tests designed to catch problems associated with aging before they become difficult and expensive to treat. The senior wellness program also covers a number of routine tests such as ear and ophthalmic exams, basic neurologic and cardiovascular evaluations, weight/nutritional assessment, blood chemistry tests, urinalysis, and more.

After your pet reaches age seven, your veterinarian at Ace Animal Hospital will talk to you about how we can help ensure your pet’s senior years are the best years of his or her life.

Signs of an Aging Pet

Signs of old age in your pet may actually be symptoms of more serious problems. When it comes to your pet’s health care, you are his or her most important partner. If your older dog or cat begins to exhibit any of the following symptoms, please let us know:

  • Stiffness or limping
  • Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping
  • Difficulty or changes in breathing
  • Tremors or shaking
  • Excessive scratching or changes to skin or coat
  • Drastic weight change (either loss or gain)
  • Difficulty seeing or hearing
  • Changes in urination/defecation habits
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Decreased responsiveness

Hospice and End-of-Life Pet Health Care

Even the healthiest of pets reach that time where we must find a way to say goodbye. We understand that this is a painful and difficult experience for our clients and is one that we all have been through in our own lives. When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet, we can come to your home to provide gentle and compassionate home euthanasia. It is our goal to help make this time in life easier for both our patients and clients.